[Islamic State] [Japanese hostage] Abe administration and ...

French government indicated Ghosn

[Islamic State] [Japanese hostage] Abe administration and ... The French government is instructed to Ghosn, or help terrorist organizations such as ISIS provides a Nissan confidential expenses 0.0 billion in the Middle East countries? Incidents of IOC Takeda president threatened to prevent the revelation? I called Nissan's money was flowing 0.0 billion to the Middle East, but they have been treated with all [confidential expenses], it's content is unknown. Not a payment if there is a reality of the transaction. That is, [work costs]. Although I wish I was a tool costs to sell the car of Nissan, different you were work expenses in the sense Yaba rice, than that, whether Trump President not we move the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office w Entangled in a special breach of trust case over the Nissan before President Carlos Ghosn defendant (), Gone defendant is 00-year, to the Middle East countries of distributors, from Nissan of [confidential cost] total of approximately billion dollars (of the current We had spent approximately 0.0 billion) at the rate it has been found in the story of the person concerned.

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