[Islamic State] [Japanese hostage] Abe administration and ...

Professional work of Nakamura doctor killing political purposes

[Islamic State] [Japanese hostage] Abe administration and ... Nakamura doctor killing is the identity of the professional act - crime group of political purposes His return from the United States terrorist Satoshi Nakamura doctor Afghanistan of the terrorist attacks in the private organizations [Peshawar Board] to return Afghanistan and was going to medical support activities in the near Pakistan border received, 00 years October date, Chiba Prefecture, to talk about the current state of Afghanistan at conference Narita Airport passenger terminal building Professional work of political purposes Incidents Satoshi Nakamura's doctor has been killed in eastern Afghanistan. Armed groups that hit the car carrying the Nakamura is shot before security guards, it was found that then there is a possibility that the shot the driver and Nakamura. Aiming armed population in Nakamura, seen as those that committed the crime kneading a plan to allow shooting in a state with no escort. Commentator) eastern Afghanistan Nangarhar province in the day, Fukuoka NGO (non-governmental organizations) [Peshawar Board] incidents Satoshi Nakamura's old doctor was murdered in the local representative of.

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