[Islamic State] [Japanese hostage] Abe administration and ...

Paragraph international terrorism situation

[Islamic State] [Japanese hostage] Abe administration and ... The maintenance of public safety and disaster response Measures with international terrorism situation International terrorism situation () Islamic extremists During the fiscal years (2.0 years), charts - as, in many parts of the world such as occur one after another terrorist attacks, the threat of terrorism by Islamic extremists is still high situation. ISIL that declared the establishment of a caliphate state in the fiscal years (2.0 years), as well as to increase the force in Iraq and Syria, attracted a large number of Muslims were influenced by the radical ideas from all over the world. In addition, northwest Africa, and a number of Islamic extremist organization in Southeast Asia, such as around the world to express their loyalty and support for the ISIL, such as by claiming some of them that it is the State] of ISIL, greatly transformed the international terrorism situation It was. But then ISIL is, in Iraq, air strikes by the United States [to-ISIL coalition of the willing] with a focus on, by the attack of Iraqi forces and the militia, which has received the support of the military leadership, etc.

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