[Islamic State] [Japanese hostage] Abe administration and ...

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[Islamic State] [Japanese hostage] Abe administration and ... Obama lead rebound of responsibility Tour intelligence agencies of ISIS rise For reasons of President Obama [Islamic State] (ISIS) rise in the US CBS television news program (month and day broadcast), [the United States of information agencies underestimate this, because he overestimated the Iraqi army] was controversial says. Iraq, because he is perceived to be pressed against the responsibility of the intelligence agencies that failed to prevent in advance the growing power of the Islamic countries] in Syria. In fact, for the threat of [Islamic State] it has been confirmed that since last year through the CIA (US Central Intelligence Agency) and DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency US), reported to the White House over several orders had been made. Especially in Michael Flynn DIA Secretary (at the time) the US Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on this year month, has been referred to the possibility of ISIS of the year of the invasion of Iraq, based in Syria, which is to suppress Iraqi forces It had also been shown expected difficult.

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